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Autonomies allows you to build more intrinsic relationships between your art and your and fans and a stronger interaction between you as a creator and them as collectors.

Autonomies artist benefits:

Individual royalty splits: you choose the royalty split rules. You can decide to give X % to a featuring artist, contributor, collaborator or charity. The split happens at point of sale of the file on the platform.

Instant payouts: the blockchain allows for instantaneous payouts meaning there's no need to wait for your funds. A fair resale system: as releases are limited, there is a secondary market for these files. Every time the NFT is resold, you will get a share of the resale unlike the second hand vinyl market.

Direct support & communication: NFTs can also be a new, more clever way of crowdfunding: artists can raise funds for a project but give something in exchange to their fans, hence opening new support channels & community.

Synchronicity: Autonomies complements the physical release system. An NFT can be an extra asset in your release plan, a way to increase exposure, to bring value and control back to the digital realm.

A commitment to eco-friendly solutions: Autonomies will constantly look for NFT solutions that have the least impact on the  environment.

The Process



The artist or label uploads exclusive music and artwork ready for a fully customizable sale, with desired add-ons like videos, tickets and merch.



The artist or label freely decides who receives what revenue share for the sale and future resales. Through the use of smart contracts, the financial redistribution is both instant and transparent.



Release via a process known as ‘minting’ where the artist or label sets the run limit (number of editions) and price, to create the limited edition release.



The collector gets access to the audio file and add-ons. As a smart contract, the NFT bought on Autonomies is both access token and certificate of ownership.



Much like records, a secondary market exists for digital music NFTs. An NFT bought on Autonomies can be resold through or outside the platform, safe in the knowledge that the artist or label will get their fair share of the revenue generated.

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