How Autonomies works

Autonomies proposes an alternative platform for the discovery of new and exclusive digital music, creating stronger interactions between artists, labels and fans.

Blockchain technology has a lot to offer independent artists and labels. An NFT is an asset that can be stored in a crypto wallet. By using Autonomies, this asset proves ownership and allows for the download and re-selling of exclusive audio files.

Our goal is to build a universal record shop for digital audio files. We seek to promote individuality and creativity. The digital output of artists has a value in and of itself. Selling it should be as exciting as it should be fair.

The Process



The artist or label uploads exclusive music and artwork ready for a fully customizable sale, with desired add-ons like videos, tickets and merch.



The artist or label freely decides who receives what revenue share for the sale and future resales. Through the use of smart contracts, the financial redistribution is both instant and transparent.



Release via a process known as ‘minting’ where the artist or label sets the run limit (number of editions) and price, to create the limited edition release.



The collector gets access to the audio file and add-ons. NFTs bought on Autonomies can be used as keys to virtually unlock any kind of content.



Much like records, a secondary market exists for digital music NFTs. An NFT bought on Autonomies can be resold through or outside the platform, safe in the knowledge that the artist or label will get their fair share of the revenue generated.

building a stronger relationship between artists & fans

NFTs sold through Autonomies have a limited run but will not be sold through auction. Think of them as a limited edition vinyl.
You won’t find NFTs sold on Autonomies anywhere else, that’s the exclusivity we offer.
Autonomies propose a simple flow to buy and sell. You just need a Metamask wallet.
Blockchain technology means nothing can be hidden. The royalty split rules are visible meaning full transparency.
The NFT is an audio file but can include other digital objects: a poster to print, a private streaming link, a QR code to pick up a physical object etc.
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Check our FAQ section for more on the basics, web3, what is an NFT and How to collect, mint and everything else you need to know

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