Polygon How To(s)

Add USDC to your Polygon wallet

Payments on the autonomies marketplace are made with USDC, a cryptocurrency that keeps the peg against the U.S dollar. You can read more about how USDC works here.

Once installed and set up, open the MetaMask application directly from your browser. To load your account with USDC on Polygon, you can proceed as follow:

  1. Click on the MetaMask browser extension
  2. Make sure your wallet is connected to Polygon Mainnet by checking at the top of the popup
  3. Select “Buy” and choose the payment provider of your choice. Note that payment service providers will allow you to credit your MetaMask account for a minimum of $30
  4. Select your local currency and USDC as the crypto of choice and click on “Buy Now”
  5. Select the payment method of your choice. Debit cards allow for the fastest transfers to your MetaMask account
  6. Verify that the recipient address matches with your MetaMask address
  7. Accept the T&Cs and proceed.

There you go, the transaction is on its way and should appear in your MetaMask wallet in a few minutes.

MATIC and other Polygon based assets can be purchased the same way.

Get MATIC with Polygon USDC

MATIC is similar to Gas in Ethereum and is needed to execute transactions on Polygon. The difference being that it’s (very) cheap as opposed to gas on Ethereum. 5 MATIC should let you execute around five thousands transaction - enough to start a proper collection on Autonomies!  

If you already hold USDC on Polygon, you can visit https://wallet.polygon.technology/gas-swap to top up your wallet with MATIC using USDC.

Polygon’s technology allows you to exchange USDC and other tokens in exchange for MATIC without having to pay any gas fees.

  1. Select the amount of MATIC you would like to receive.
  2. Click on the “approve” button and wait for MetaMask to send you a prompt.
  3. Confirm and sign the transactions on MetaMask.

Within a few seconds some MATIC tokens should be visible from your MetaMask account. You’re all set!


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